Apple, Bend-gate, and Other Thoughts

As a Apple fan my whole life, excusing the minor hiccups of the company on their way to trillion dollar status, I find myself finally taking a good look at Apple and wondering if they have come to the top of the bell curve and are now heading downward to who knows where.

They were always at the top of their game making a product of quality to house their quality software. Now we have an iPad as the one thing in our backpack we have to worry about bending. I think they never really worried about their customers since they were so far ahead of the pack and still are. Up to now I could care less about their consumer attitude since I always benefited from quality hardware and software. But the software I enjoy so much on my iPad is being ported to Android and other platforms. So where does this leave me with Apple? It leaves me looking, especially with bent iPads, to the competitors.

It has been said Apple should become a service company taking on the likes of Amazon, Netflix, Dropbox, and all the rest. This is a battle they would lose in the long run. Their competitors have been doing it for a long time and are more consumer oriented and friendly. How can a company who sends out bent iPads, justifying their being bent, understand the consumer? Oh yes, it is light. Believe me I will take an iPad weighing a couple of pounds over one being bent.

If Apple is going to compete they need to compete with what they have always been good at: innovation. Yes give me something I need, or rather don’t know I need yet, something that will revolutionize the way I do things, and believe me if it is bent at a forty-five degree angle I will learn to live with it.