McJesus Sculpture

There has been a hoopla concerning a sculpture in the Haifa museum in Israel. Christians took to rioting, throwing rocks and injuring the police, offended by a stupid sculpture of Ronald McDonald on a cross.

If it was a Muslim object the Haifa museum would probably been burned down by now, so I guess Christians are a little more tolerant than Muslims.

Is the artist making a statement? Is the artist just seeking to create controversy to get noticed? Who knows and who cares.

How we react to this news is interesting because it says something about our own spirituality. Fast food does not nourish us and Ronald McDonald is a symbol of that. There is a Ronald McDonald religion adhered to by many. It is a religion never entering in the heart. It is a religion defended by rocks and beheadings, and molotov cocktails . It is a Ronald McDonald religion.

Personally I don’t think the Finnish artist meant anything good by it, or was offering us any deeper meaning, but it gave me pause to consider how deep my religion goes.