The Writing App Ulysses

There are plenty of blogs about how Ulysses compares to other similar writing apps. Simplicity, power to get things done, and keeping it current, are its strongest assets, which the competition will never understand.

But at forty dollars a year, I look at the competitors now and then, hoping to go from forty to zero, or just paying for an upgrade, but I think I look in vain.

I worked at a temp job once for a man who sold a product to a well known multi-million dollar company. The product wasn’t a physical product but an idea which he made out very well financially . I found the job boring, analyzing records looking for certain people who would benefit from a certain service being offered them. After seeing my boredom he berated me for not understanding and benefiting from what he had done. He sold a thought and made an immense amount of money. I could do the same he said.

On the surface Ulysses is simple and yet it is complex. It is what I need. Obviously if I am willing to spend forty dollars a year for an app it has got to be what I need. Obviously I have looked at the competition and not found what I need.

The app is simple, like the idea-product of the man mentioned above. Most people could program this easily. So it basically is an idea. It is an idea of what does the customer really need, or in this case what does the writer really need.

How many companies lose track of what the customer really needs or wants -Ulysses has not.