Being a Moderate

I remember a time when there used to be some moderates around-no more. As I sit in the break room in the morning, before work starts, some people studying, others drinking tea or coffee, some eating, some actually talking about work related topics – imagine that, some talking politics, I wonder why no moderates.

Now politics splits us down the middle at work. Your either Democrat or Republican, left or right, Trump or non-Trump. Why are we split so evenly down the middle- except for me?

My best friend at work has even left his long time barber, who one day recently said a right-wing statement, pushing him over the edge, ready to sell his house, ready to head to California, according to him the home of the left, this state being the home of the right.

Why can’t everyone debate a political point-of-view without resorting to labeling the other person left or right. Nobody at work seems able to do that.

Has the left become too progressive? Has the right become too conservative? Well I’m on a mission to find how we got to where we are. I might do a little studying and in a future blog talk more on the subject.