Man With A Badge

Donald Trump Sheriff
Donald Trump Sheriff

If only he believed in law and order, if only he respected the Constitution, and if only he made an effort to be a true superhero. I don’t think the Founders could have imagined a future President who would care so little about the country as Trump does. I also don’t believe the Founders envisioned part of the nation being so gullible to elect a man so devoid of moral qualities as Trump.

The only way he can ever be a superhero is through Photoshop. He used to have true superheroes in the White House surrounding him, but it did not affect him, failing to inspire in him true greatness.

While a person’s private appendages should not be judged as to one’s super hero status in sexual matters, Stormy Daniels —aka Stephanie Clifford— seemed to think it did, likening Trump’s appendage —aka lingam— to the mushroom character in Mario Kart. If he cared about anyone besides his narcissistic self, if serving others’ needs was essential to him, his “mushroom character” and his surrounding self would be viewed in a better light.

I think Herschel Walker is responsible for Trump wanting to be a superhero.

Herschel Walker with badge
Herschel Walker with badge

Trump saw Herschel’s badge and became jealous. He brought up Photoshop, measured Herschel’s badge, and ensured his badge looked bigger. He then became jealous of other superheroes and stuck his head on their bodies.

Next thing you know he had an important announcement to make.

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